Bestselling Food and Beverage Brands - v.

A few days ago, FoodNavigator wrote about the hot ticket food and beverage items on Amazon.  Then today, they had nearly the same story but instead for  I wondered, then, how and if they might overlap and generally, what types of groceries people are buying from these online sites. Amazon is just starting to move into the grocery business so it's a bit of a newer model and I'd imagine for, online food sales are an increasingly large part of their business.

Nevertheless, it makes for an interesting comparison particularly with Walmart's more recent statements around ensuring healthy, affordable food for all.

So let's take a closer look at (A) vs. (W).  

Here are some of the categories captured using JeeQ data.

1. Beverages

A: Coffee and water, with recent top sellers being San Francisco Bay Coffee, Keurig, Nestle Purelife, Smart Water and Nespresso.

W: Coffee and juice, with Great Value and Maxwell House on top.

2. Breakfast

A: KIND bars take the cake on this one, with PopTarts in second but significantly farther behind.

W: Quaker leads by a significant margin, Great Value and Cheerios are next.

3. Candy and Chocolate

A: No clear front runner, but Haribo, Skittles, Jolly Rancher and Hershey's come out on top.

W: Hershey's and M&M's dominate, but there's a good amount of brands in the mix.

4. Snacks

A: KIND bars!  And again by a wide margin.  Sunshine and Frito-Lay are second and third, but by a wide margin.

W: Nabisco and Great Value dominate.  Lay's come in third.

So there you have it.  

Great Value, Walmart's store brand, does incredibly well.  Walmart shoppers like their juice compared to Amazon's water drinkers.  Amazon shoppers love their KIND bars while the candy category for both companies is pretty much all over the map.  And everyone drinks coffee.

Would love to see a deeper dive into the nutritional profile of foods purchased and what products within each brand are the most popular.  

JeeQ, round 2?