Food Policy, Hunger and Obesity #demdebate #forgotten

I watched the Democratic debate last night and thought it was generally interesting, at least more than I had anticipated.  I couldn't keep up with the tweets on all sorts of issues, humorous comments and insightful tidbits.

But one thing was glaringly clear - there lacked any discussion of our food system, and more importantly, the tens of millions of people who rely on SNAP or the nearly 31 million kids who depend on school lunch each day.  

This is a gaping hole throughout the presidential debate season.  Jobs, immigration, health's all covered, albeit with less substance than we might want but alas, not expect.  Yet the importance of having access to nutritious food - and the chronic diseases that result from poor diets - is entirely left off the stage.  

This makes little sense.  Over 14 percent of households are food insecure and sadly, children in 10 percent of households are food insecure.  Obesity and overweight affects 1 in 3 kids and costs society billions in healthcare costs.  Hunger and obesity are issues individuals on both sides of the aisle can get behind, of course from different perspectives on the role of government, spending and personal responsibility.  

It's time to hear from the candidates on their food policy, and how they plan to deal with the fundamental right to healthy, nutritious food.  The First Lady has done a fantastic job raising the issue but it can't stop there.  We want to know what's beyond Let's Move!  and how those running for president can help create a healthy food environment for all.