For the weekend...

It's Friday.  I'll leave you with a few tidbits to chew on over the weekend.

2016 Culinary Trends.  What's hot, what will be hot.  Think "swiggable soup" and "pumped-up porridge," for starters.  Sterling-Rice Group breaks it down for us.

The veteran overweight and obesity rate has reached 80 percent, surpassing the national average.  "The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) says that more than 165,000 veterans who use its health care services have a body mass index higher than 40, a threshold that interferes with basic physical functions and leads to chronic illness."

Big box stores in food deserts don't necessarily lead to healthy eating.  NPR reports on what people are buying at these stores compared to other grocery outlets.  Interestingly, "packaged foods people bought at big box and convenience stores were, on average, higher in sugar, sodium and saturated fat than those bought at traditional grocers, the researchers found."

More on Monday!