Blatant Junk Food Marketing in Schools - McDonald's Strikes Again

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What's this all about?  McDonald's, long known as the image of unhealthy eating in America, yet again makes its way into our kids' middle and high schools.

WHAT?!?!  Yes, it seems like some things never change.

Here's the scoop:

John Cisna, an Iowa high school science teacher, decides to embark on a McDonald's only diet for 90 days.  He's overweight to begin with and puts himself on a daily 2,000 calorie limit and within guidelines for 15 unspecified nutrients (we quickly learn that sodium is NOT one of them). He touted his 'research' as a project ginned up by his students but as Civil Eats reports, he then admittedly drew up the plan with a friend who also happens to be a McD franchisee.

Low and behold, Cisna loses 37 pounds and publishes the book "My McDonald's Diet: How I Lost 37 Pounds in 90 Days and Became a Viral Media Sensation."  Not shy to publicity, McD's retains Cisna as a paid brand ambassador and what results is a documentary, 540 Meals, to be marketed to and shown in middle and high schools across the U.S.  It's even accompanied by a teacher's discussion guide that gets kids talking about, well, McDonald's.


There are so many things wrong with this.  First, the underlying message is that kids can eat McD - including fries galore! - and still be healthy.   Second, and perhaps most importantly, fast food marketing has no business in the school setting.  Third, schools often lack nutrition education curricula and ways to teach healthy eating.  This is a far cry from a lesson that sets kids up for a lifetime of healthy eating. And last but not least, a science teacher should know better.  C'mon Cisna.  You're failing our kids.