What is the Real Cost of Food?

It's not often we talk about the "external factors" that go into and are affected by the food we produce (and eat) but today's event at American University does just that.

In their words:

"Imagine if the price you paid for a hamburger included factors such as heart disease, the number one cause of death worldwide; or the runoff of manure spread on fields from concentrated animal feeding operations; or injuries to workers in slaughterhouses and processing plants; or the poor animal welfare practices in livestock operations. It would certainly be more than US$.99 and would not be part of the value menu."

Live stream the event for free starting at 10:30 here.  The program can be accessed here.

The event is hosted by FoodTank, an organization whose mission is "building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. We spotlight environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty and create networks of people, organizations, and content to push for food system change."

Speakers include folks like Ricardo Salvador from Union of Concerned Scientists and Paul Shapiro from the Humane Society.  It also features Michael Berger from Elevation Burger, a nice addition representing a burger chain.

So tune in, learn about True Cost Accounting, and take a look at their upcoming events.