Uber Flu Shots, Diet Soda, and Menu Labeling

Here we are at Friday, the week before thanksgiving.  Leaving you today with a few stories to think about over the weekend...

Uber delivers flu shots, for real.  One day, 36 cities, UberHEALTH trying to up the current 30 percent of 18- to 49-year-olds getting vaccinated.  Uber expected to administer roughly 10,000 shots, an increase in the limited amount during last year's pilot in just a few cities.

Diet soda sales continue to drop.  Diet Pepsi's sales are particularly abysmal, with an 11.4% drop in unit sales and nearly 9% drop in dollar sales during the last month.  Regular carbonated beverages dropped, too, but not as much.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee caves to pizza restaurants and grocery stores by passing a menu labeling bill with fewer requirements.  The bill "would narrow labeling requirements for supermarkets, which have complained that the rules are confusing and burdensome, by allowing stores to use a menu or menu board in a prepared-foods area instead of putting labels on individual items...It would also allow restaurants like pizza delivery chains that receive most of their orders remotely to post calories online instead of at the retail location. Pizza restaurants would also have more flexibility in the way they post calories and restaurants and retailers could determine what constitutes a serving size, in some cases."

Happy Friday!