Coke backed Global Energy Balance Network is no longer

Not short on controversy, the Global Energy Balance Network announced their termination late Monday night.

Their statement:

"Effective immediately, GEBN is discontinuing operations due to resource limitations. We appreciate the commitment to energy balance that the membership has demonstrated since our inception, and encourage members to continue pursuing the mission “to connect and engage multi-disciplinary scientists and other experts around the globe dedicated to applying and advancing the science of energy balance to achieve healthier living”."



You may recall that I blogged last week about the AP article uncovering emails underscoring the significant role Coke played in developing the strategy and setting up operations for the GEBN.    It was supposed to be an impartial group, led by James Hill of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  Turns out that wasn't the case which led to Coke's Rhona Appelbaum's resignation and no shortage of negative press. 

GEBN did return Coke's grant but it appears as though the separation between the two entities came far too late.  The organization needs money to run, and if it were going to be successful, would require a funder without an inherent bias (particularly one towards sugary soda).

The website is down, the team has dispersed and perhaps both University of Colorado and Coke got schooled about transparency along the way.