The Ubiquity of Food - Shameless Podcast Promotion

I study food, attempt to stay up-to-date on the latest nutrition research and trends and recognize the ever growing popularity of the food movement in this country.  Eating.  It's something we all do, it's inescapable and that's certainly nothing new.  Yet on my morning jog I was struck by just how much interest there is in what we eat, how we eat, and more than anything, how much we TALK ABOUT FOOD.

I had on three podcasts, only one of which is always "food-centric."  It's my go-to fun listening for the week - the Sporkful.  Totally mindless, totally entertaining.  Sometimes intriguing for later debates in the kitchen.  The other two - Freakonomics and Slate's Working Podcast - are other favorites and cover a range of topics.  Just so happened today that the episodes I had on today were all unintentionally about food.  I suppose it's a good thing I was out jogging otherwise I may have gone right to the refrigerator.  And then back again.

I finished my run ready for a meal (obviously) and wanting to share three great podcasts that will certainly keep you entertained during your commute, walking, or wherever you tend to have some time to zone out (and become immersed in debates like whether a hot dog should be considered a sandwich).

So, here they are, in no particular order:

Slate's Working Podcast -  Landed on this when I got into other Slate podcasts, like the Culture Gabfest and the Political Gabfest.  For Working, interviews are about 30 minutes, going in-depth with someone about their job, basically 'a day in the life of...'.  Topics range from what a handyman does all day to even what a cemetery worker's responsibilities are.  The one I listened to today?  How a freelance chef works.  Click here to listen to it.

Freakonomics - Covers questions you didn't know you had, like the best way to invest your money (in non boring terms) and whether everyone should be in a rock band.  It's funny and smart.  Today's topic?  The Cheeseburger Diet.  Click here to listen to it.

The Sporkful - Good all around fun, "not for foodies it's for eaters" and perhaps too much attention on how to achieve the perfect bite.  Nonetheless, it's great, will make you chuckle and just long enough.  Today's topic was about a young youtube cooking sensation, who is now a role model for LGBT youth.  Click here to listen to it. 

Enjoy!  Back next week after a few days in Atlanta eating latkes and other delicious chanukah treats.