Promoted Tweets - Embedded Junk Food Marketing

So this just popped up in my Twitter feed.  In a Twitter account about food and nutrition, I too get ads for fried, brown, sugary, salty...

This one in particular is for Wendy's $4 for 4 deal.  Looks to me about a day's worth of salt, a very large soda and the only vegetable being a slice of iceberg and unripe tomato.  Unappealing to some, but certainly an effective advertising strategy.  

Makes me wonder whether and how effective healthy food ads would be if targeted to individuals wanting to make healthier choices (or perhaps even being less than consciously nudged in the more nutritious direction).  

With a Christmas tree and ornament included in this picture, I'd expect more from fast food restaurants, especially during the holidays.  We overeat, we make new year's resolutions - this certainly isn't helping.