Using tech to teach us, part II

The other day I wrote about motivational texting and how it can help adults increase their physical activity each day. Now there's something new for our kids, too, in the form of a mobile app called Kurbo.

Kurbo seems to be one of the first - if not the first - app that can help kids make smarter decisions when choosing what to eat.  It has three main tools one can use: 1) 1:1 coaching that entails 1/wk meetings to "to provide encouragement, review progress and set goals"; 2) a food classification tool for kids based on the traffic light model; and 3) a mobile app that tracks kids' food and exercise, and includes tools, games and resources to keep making smart choices.

The pricing is based on a coaching plan, and is available here. And here's more about the app in itunes.

Looks like it's worth a try for kids and parents seeking healthy behavior change.  Of course with teens it's easy to have unintended consequences like over tracking your food and hyper monitoring your weight so something to keep an eye on.  Nevertheless, the approach Kurbo is taking looks fun and inspiring.  Poke around on their site and see what you think!