Future of Nursing - Campaign for Action Summit - It's Tomorrow!

A joint AARP/RWJF "Future of Nursing" initiative will be hosting their 2015 summit tomorrow and Thursday in Washington, DC.  This campaign will "celebrate five years of advancing health and health care through nursing, and look ahead at what it will take to build a Culture of Health, a powerful movement we are part of to build a healthier America."

This initiative is framed around and focused on building out a series of IOM recommendations made in this consensus report.  It was just a few days ago that the National Academies' issued an update on progress to date. 

The bottom line:

"We are proud of the solid progress made in increasing the number of nurses with advanced degrees, expanding the number of states with broader scopes of practice, bringing more nurses into leadership positions, and increasing workforce diversity. We have built the infrastructure needed to make continued progress in all of these areas through an active, engaged network of nurses and other key stakeholders participating in Campaign for Action coalitions in all 50 states. Yet we have a great deal of work left to do. We must increase the number of nurses serving in leadership positions, and further expand the number of states in which nurses can practice to the full extent of their education and training. This impact study will help us hone our efforts and continue galvanizing our profession, but we must also look beyond the nursing community and begin collaborating across other professions and sectors. We will not realize a Culture of Health in our country without nurses and we must equip them to take up their role in making our schools, our communities, our corporations, and our nation healthy.”

So, follow the conversation tomorrow!  Twitter handle is @Campaign4Action; the meeting hashtag is #futureofnursing

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Enjoy the event and no doubt subsequent conversations!