I Can't Believe It's Not...Mayo!

Unilever, the makers of Hellmann's Mayonnaise,  dropped a lawsuit this past December alleging that Hampton Creek's vegan, egg-less "Just Mayo" product has no eggs and therefore does not meet the definition of mayonnaise.  It was then left to industry groups and the FDA to determine whether the label used - including the image of an egg - violates any labeling laws.

It wasn't until this month that the FDA issued a warning letter to Hampton Creek stating that yes, the company is misbranding the product and does indeed violate labeling law.  Mayonnaise, as it turns out, is defined by the FDA as containing at least 65 percent vegetable oil and at least one egg yolk-containing ingredient.  Clearly they missed the mark on that front.  Not only that, the company got dinged for unauthorized cholesterol-free marketing and for missing required footnotes, as reported in Tech Times.

It appears as though the FDA agrees that Unilever's original suit had merit.  Perhaps the makers of "I Can't Believe It's NOT Butter" can come up with a new name for Hampton Creek's "I Can't Believe It's NOT Just Mayo."