It's football night in America.  Phil Lempert's (the supermarket guru) Lempert Report breaks it down for, not the game but rather our calories.  ALL the calories and sodium we're likely to eat during a game, and what it means when we add it up.  Take a look.

Taken together, we eat about half our calories in about a three hour sitting and more than an entire day's worth of sodium.  Eek.  And if we choose other more calorie dense options - or those foods with even more salt - we enter the "OMG how did I just eat almost a day's worth of calories and two and a half day's worth of sodium in under four hours."  Seriously.

What to do...for starters, grocery stores can make healthy game day options more available, widely promoted, attractive - all the pieces of a good marketing strategy.  We can take a look at the nutrition labels, use smaller plates and bowls and choose something to limit.  Since game days are so often a free for all with unlimited you-name-it, even small changes will send us in the right direction. 

Bumper sticker slogan for the day:  Watch the Game - and Your Waistline.