Squeeze Me!

It was only a matter of time before others got into the business.  As an employee at AARP Foundation working on nutrition issues, I continue to be struck by the lack of (appealing!) options specifically for older adults - and particularly for older adults that may have chewing or swallowing challenges.

My daughter loves these pouches, though we limit them to those that are strictly fruits and veggies (there are plenty with hidden sugars!).  Someone once told me they're the equivalent of wet dog food for your pet - a special treat, for her at least!  For the most part, they taste pretty good.  I've tried to replicate the sweet potato, carrot, etc. mix, and others, but she pushes it away.  She wants the real deal.

So I wasn't exactly surprised that other companies are starting to market these squeezies to adults.  One such company to recently hit the shelves is Munk Pack, with a mix of oatmeal, flax and quinoa.  The calories are relatively low (approx 100), but sugars are on the high end (12 grams in a single pouch).  They're fruity, so to be expected, but they also contain apple juice concentrate.

Nonetheless, let's see how these do...neat way to eat breakfast on the go, while hiking, and keep something that's shelf-stable with you for last minute snacking needs.  They've hit the baby market by storm.  Will adults want to squeeze their oatmeal snack?  Keep an eye out for them at your supermarket.  I'm certain more companies will catch on soon.