The Non-Perishable Instacart Alternative

Thrive Market is...well, it's thriving.  As a business and I'd imagine for it's consumers, too.  An article about this company landed in my email today and I was intrigued, at least enough to dig around and explore it a bit more.  What I found was really exciting - a company that's created what appears to be a win-win experience for both their bottom line and the consumer.

An online supermarket, Thrive offers thousands of products from 400 brands ranging from beauty to food, and more - they're the "better for you" premium products (natural, organic, non-gmo) you might find in a Whole Foods.  But their shtick is that they are way more accessible, bringing down the price by buying wholesale, charging an annual membership fee (about $60) and offering prices well below retail.  I did some searching around and it really did seem quite a bit lower, like a few bucks off items that are normally in the $10-15 dollar range.

Not only that, for every subscriber they get, the company matches it with a free subscription for a low-income family.  I couldn't find how the family is identified - or what their guidelines are - but really anyone that gets a free subscription who might otherwise have trouble is an added bonus. 

The downside - of course, there's always one.  It's more like a Trader Joe's in this sense, than a full serve supermarket.  You might go to Trader Joe's for your favorite cookies, cheap milk and frozen green tea Mochi (yes, those items you didn't know you needed until you're in the store) but you might not go for all your fresh produce needs.  It's the same here - no perishables so it could never really be your one-stop shopping experience. 

Yet the company appears to make good on walking the walk and investors have been responding, having just raised $30 million in Series A funding. 

Keep an eye on this one, or sign up and browse!