Eating Thin

Food Business News published a story yesterday on the slimming down of our snacks.  Thinning our crackers, pretzels, cookies and other snacks theoretically allows us to eat more...or just keep eating. 

Here's one example:

"A recent addition to the leaner lineup is Mondelez’s Wheat Thins Even Thinner. The crackers are 14% thinner, allowing snackers to eat 22 crackers rather than 16 of the original Wheat Thins for the same calorie count."

There's even a thinner Oreo.  You get four cookies at 140 calories rather than the original three at 160 calories.

As the story points out, we are more interested in our health while at the same time, have increased our grazing habits.  Hence, snacking on "healthy" food.  Always.

The list of slimmed down foods goes on and on.  I did a quick google images search and there are pages upon pages of "thin snacks."  I wonder how these new snacks affect our overall snack consumption - do we end up eating even more?  Are they any more or less satisfying? Importantly, are we paying the same amount or more for less food? Cornell Food and Brand Lab, this one has your name on it!