A Fancy, Shmancy, Very Expensive Starbucks

It's called Starbucks Reserve.  It has "a vintage rug and furniture sourced from local secondhand furniture shops."  And it has $4 black coffee. 

Apparently these cafes are just starting to sprout up.  Business Insider reports that about 500 will open around the world, over the next several years.

The coffee is called Reserve.  It's "special" coffee, with a unique brewing system.  But, at $4 per cup, can it succeed? 

Remains to be seen how these cafes will ultimately fare, and if Starbucks can tap into that "coffee shop" feeling we all love yet is entirely missing from the now old news Starbucks on every corner.

And still, it's nearly double the cost of a coffee from my favorite, local coffee shop in D.C.