I stumbled upon an Ad Council YouTube video highlighting the path a carton of strawberries takes to get to one's fridge, only to have them pushed to the back, moldy and eventually tossed in the trash.  That ad brought me to, an amazingly helpful website focused food storage tips and suggestions on when to refrigerate, toss, freeze and/or use up virtually every perishable food you might want to know more about.

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The website (which is beautifully designed!) is a collaboration between the Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Some facts on food waste:

40 percent of food in America is wasted.

A 4-person family loses $1,500 a year on wasted food.

Food is the number one item in America's landfills.

Here are some additional links from the site.

10 easy tips for meal planning

Food storage directory

Shopping guidelines

Deciphering dates on products

And related to the last link, here's one bit of information to end with:

"Food expiration dates have nothing to do with safety, and are only loosely related to quality.  They're the manufacturer's best estimate of when the product is at its freshest or "peak quality."  Many food will still be good to eat days, weeks, or months after those dates, depending on the food."

So go check it out and read before you toss!